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Words are powerful.
Choose them wisely.

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Storytelling is perhaps humankind's oldest art form. Since our earliest times, people have gathered around fires for warmth, safety and entertainment, when the tribe's bard would tell stories of their collective origins and past glories.

As a historian by education and an author by calling, I have a passion for telling stories both grand in scope and minute in detail.

My novels explore power and politics; the traumas that shape our lives and how we come to terms with them; hope in the face of powerlessness; the fragility of manhood and the power of women; and the physical and emotional redemption we earn by doing the right thing.  

Read my own story here. 

Read my latest blog 'A very long autumn', here.

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My novel Beyond the Autumn explores many themes. Power and politics, the traumas that shape our lives and how we come to terms with them, the fragility of manhood and the power of women, and the physical and emotional redemption we earn by doing the right thing. 

When a journalist disappears following a gruesome warning, her editor enlists her ex-boyfriend – a former soldier and journalist, still suffering from his physical and mental wounds – to help find and protect her.

And so begins a race against time, from London to the Persian Gulf to the Philippines, to find the journalist before the powerful men with fortunes and reputations to lose can reach her – and silence her – first.

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"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."

Herman Melville

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Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you've enjoyed reading my stories and my words. I'd love to know how they've touched you and if you have any questions, so please do get in touch to start a conversation.

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