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My novels explore power and politics; the traumas that shape our lives and how we come to terms with them; the fragility of manhood and the power of women; and the physical and emotional redemption earned by doing the right thing. 

Read more about my novel, Beyond the Autumn, below. 

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A death on the London Underground leads to the discovery in the dead man’s bag of a severed human hand. Clutched in it is a note, warning the female journalist to whom it’s addressed: ‘you need to back off, so let us give you a hand.’

When the journalist disappears, her editor enlists her ex-boyfriend – a former soldier and journalist, still suffering from his physical and mental wounds – to help find her and protect her.

And so begins a race against time, from London to the Persian Gulf to the Philippines, to find her before the powerful men with fortunes and reputations to lose can reach her – and silence her – first.