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What I write, and why

Words are powerful. They can inspire us to greatness and drive us to madness. Choosing them carefully is more important than many of us realise.

As a UK-based communications professional and a Certified Member of the Institute of Internal Communications, I write all day, every day to help the businesses I work with communicate in the most engaging, clear and accessible ways possible. 

​My decade of communications and marketing experience encompasses a variety of challenging roles. I've built, embedded and managed multiple internal communications functions from the ground up, improving engagement and informed ratings by close to 30 points in every instance. And, when it comes to employee engagement and internal communications, I've pretty much done it all. (No-one's 'done it all', there's always more to learn.) Alongside writing and curating organisations' corporate communications, I also script, film and produce corporate videos for executives and clients, using simple technology to create bespoke video content.

I was part of a multi-award-winning local government communications team in Westminster during the London 2012 Olympics. I’ve managed the internal communications for a global, multi-billion-dollar law firm. I’ve been part of London Underground's trade union negotiating team, written a graduate blog for the UK's Guardian Online, and reviewed a Hollywood TV series for the Manila Bulletin. 

​But, like all of us, I'm much more than just a list of the jobs I've done. 

​Over the years, I’ve played a number of roles and been fortunate to go on many adventures. As a young man I travelled alone and overland from London to Lhasa, Tibet’s capital, riding through Siberia on trains with Russian soldiers, and across the Mongolian steppe on horseback with nomads. I spent a monsoon season working with local charities in Nepal, as a new republic was forged from the collapse of the last Hindu kingdom. I raced a mototaxi (essentially a 125cc motorbike with a sofa welded to the back) from the Pacific Ocean, through the Sechura Desert and the Andes Mountains, to Cusco. I played in and managed a university rock ‘n’ roll band, shovelled dirt as a motorway maintenance man, and lent my ear as the sympathetic barman to many a weary soul.

Of all these adventures, the one of which I'm proudest is my writing and being an author. This includes my novel, Beyond the Autumnwhich explores power and politics, the traumas that shape our lives, hope in the face of powerlessness, the fragility of manhood, the power of women, and the physical and emotional redemption earned by doing the right thing. 

​It's been - as every life should be - a journey. I'd love to hear from you to see where that journey could take me next.

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"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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